Cambodia photos 2001

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh was know as the “Pearl of Asia” in the 1920. Phnom Penh, along with Angkor, is a significant global and domestic tourist destination for Cambodia known for its traditional Khmer and French influenced architecture. Phnom Penh is the wealthiest and most populous city in Cambodia. It is also the commercial, political and cultural hub of Cambodia and is home to more than one million of Cambodia’s population of over 14 million.

During the Vietnam War, Cambodia was used as a base to bomb North Vietnam and Viet Cong army, thousands of refugees from the country flooded the city… Continue reading

Killing Fields in Phnom Penh

In the Killing Fields it was like I could feel the ghosts of 2,000,000 men, women, children, elders, deported from Phnom Penh into the country under the Khmer Rouge regime. I was not prepared to see this place, I was not prepared to see all this beauty and all this misery, I was not prepared to encounter all that death smell around me in the Killing Fields. The Khmer Rouge believed that the origin, the source of all modern problems, difficulties, social differences, unfairness, was the city. I could agree on that. But for them for their madness… Continue reading

Phnom Chisor

Phnom Chisor is situated about 60 km south of Phnom Phen, in Takeo province, there is a really nice temple on the hill. The temple of Phnom Chisor dated back to the 11th century under King Suryavarman I. The view from the top of the hill in Phnom Chisor over all the plains and the Mekong’s delta is really an amazing experience. Phnom Chisor was also known as ‘the Mountain of the Sun’ and due to the influence of Hinduism of that time, was dedicated to Brahma, ‘the Creator of the Universe’. The climb of the hill is quite exhausting… Continue reading

Tonlé Sap lake

Tonlé Sap is the biggest lake in Southeast Asia, it receives water from the Mekong itself and from several other rivers. It is the main water and food resource for the whole Cambodia. The Tonlé Sap with its biodiversity one of the most productive fisheries in the world, supporting over 3 million people and providing over 75% of Cambodia’s annual inland fish catch.

Tonlé Sap’s flow changes direction twice a year and because the portion that forms the lake expands and shrinks dramatically with the seasons. From November to May, Cambodia’s dry season, the Tonlé Sap drains into the Mekong… Continue reading

Angkor Wat

Angkor wat archaeological complex is indeed one of greatest achievement in human history, I have tried to imagine it for years but I was not even close to the experience of visit the ruins for real. Angkor is a name conventionally applied to the region of Cambodia seat of the Khmer empire, the Angkorian period may be defined as the period from A.D. 802 with King Jayavarman II, until 1431 when Thai invaders sacked the Khmer capital.

In 889 Yasovarman I ascended to the throne, he was a great king and an accomplished builder. Yasovarman constructed a new city called… Continue reading

Phnom Udong

Phnom Udong is located about 40 km north from Phnom Penh, it was the ancient capital of Cambodia from A.D. 1618 to 1866. Called also Udong, the city has been sacked by the Thais, bombed by the Americans and ruined by the Khmer Rouge. Despite this history, despite the 509 stairs, the attraction here is not just the amazing Khmer temple but also the breathtaking view all over the country. During your days in Phnom Penh a visit here is a must. Following the road to Battambang there are two hills on the left side of the road with the… Continue reading

Tuol Sleng

Tuol Svay Prey High School also known as Tuol Sleng was taken over by Pol Pot’s forces and was turned into the S-21 prison camp, where Cambodians were detained and tortured. Pol Pot sought a return to an agrarian economy and therefore killed in Tuol Sleng many people perceived as educated, lazy, or political enemies. Many others starved to death as a result of failure of the agrarian society and the sale of Cambodia’s rice to China in exchange for bullets and weaponry.

The former high school is now the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, where Khmer Rouge torture devices and… Continue reading

Banteay Srei and Battambang

Banteay Srei is a 10th century Cambodian temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, located in the area of Angkor in Cambodia. Banteay Srei is built largely of red sandstone, a medium that lends itself to the elaborate decorative wall carvings which are still observable today. The buildings themselves in Banteay Srei are miniature in scale, unusually so when measured by the standards of Angkorian construction. These factors have made the temple extremely popular with tourists, and have led to its being widely praised as a “precious gem”, or the “jewel of Khmer art.” Banteay Srei was subject to further… Continue reading

Mekong Island

Mekong Island is absolutely a beautiful place that can be easily reached by boats departing from Phnom Penh. Sailing to the island, wandering around and coming back to Phnom Penh will take about half a day but it worth the trip.

I had the opportunity to take these marvelous photos in Mekong Island at sunset that repaid me of the travel all day along the dusty road with my motorbike.

NOTE: – the images have been realized starting from original prints using a scanner HP, wait to load completely the page before click on the photos, be aware that it… Continue reading