Thailand photos 2000

First time in Chiang Mai

In 2000, during my first visit in Chiang Mai, I have definitely felt something really special there. I have no idea why but I was and I will be linked to Chiang Mai forever. My first time in Chiang Mai was in 2000 and I was fascinating from this nice and magic town.

As all the other photos of my trip in 2000 I had with me just a cheap point and shot camera bought in Pattaya. The images of Chiang Mai could just give a fade idea of the real beauty.

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Mae Sot

Far east on the Thailand-Burma’s border, this few worlds describe Mae Sot: different peoples, different globalized humanity, smugglers, brothels, markets of all kind, some NGOs volunteers.

I still remember when as a newbie I arrived in town, was August, was 2000, still looking for some wasted love. Is a long story.

At that time there was in Mae Sot no Tesco Lotas nor cheap hotels, just some dirty guest house.

After 8 hours bus ride, nothing but just her address in my pocket, nothing around me, just an empty bus station.

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In Phuket started a new intense period of the summer 2000 adventure. I left an Italian friend in Ayutthaya and in the main bus station of Bangkok I got my ticket all the way down to Phuket.

Considering that we moved together form Phitsanulok I spent more then 18 hours on buses before get another bed. I still remember the long night and the down arriving in Phuket.

Now probably I’m already too old for this, who knows.

Anyway once in Phuket I spent on the bed the whole day and moved myself to the nightlife after the rest.

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Mae Sai and Tha Ton

Tha Ton is a village along the Kok riverside, 24 km north of Amphoe Fang, Chiang Mai. Long-tailed boat with pilot are available for traveling.

I was with an italian friend and definitely I keep a good memory of this small Thai village that hosted us one night waiting to get the boat to Chiang Rai.

The view from the temple on the hill is amazing, beside the trip along the river Kok was absolutely nice and I do recommend to reach Chiang Rai in this way instead of the usual road from Chiang Mai.

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I arrived in Ayutthaya by bus on my way to north, on my way to Mae Sot in July 2000.

Still was not clear to me where my soul was actually moving my life but exploring the city was the only thing.

Today of course I could not miss the famous ancient capital of the glorious Thai kingdom, Ayutthaya was defined more then once by travelers from Europe the Venice of Asia.

It is strange to move around a new town in classical Thai ugly urban development and to find ruins and historical parks all over.

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Phitsanulok and Nan

After Chiang Rai, after Mae Sai we decided to move south, and my decision was to go south till the end of Thailand. I had just touched the most northern point of Thailand then my project was to achieve the most southern point.

At that time I was not traveling alone so together with an Italian friend we had fun around some eastern cities like Nan and the old Phitsanulok.

Coming from north first we arrived in Nan the city offer a warm welcome and cheap accommodations, it worth visit the beautiful Wat Phumin.

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First time in Bangkok

As soon as I came out from the airplane I was assaulted by the incredible heat and humidity of Bangkok. Finally I was there, in Thailand, my one way ticket gone, and the lady that makes me start the long trip was waiting for me at the airport.

My English was not that good at that time and Thai-English language was absolutely worst then any of my thought. With tunes involved in Thais speaking the distortion of English is remarkable and it takes time to get used to what the really want to say. Barely we could understand each other.… Continue reading


I was in Pattaya just after my trip in Samet in July 2000, I have been there totally a couple of time during my five years in Thailand but definitely is not a place where you can live.

The first time obviously I was curios and excited about a city like that but soon you realize its madness and nonsense. There is no much to say about, just an enormous brothel.

Pattaya was just a small fishing village until it was discovered as a beach resort by Bangkok residents in the 60s. Soldiers during the Vietnam war, including the United… Continue reading

Umpium Camp and Karen refugees from Burma

I was in Thailand from 4 weeks, burned from the sea, from the girls, amazed by the people… my mind had just begun to awaken.

A few days after my arrival in Mae Sot I visited Umpium Camp I met Karen refugees from Burma and some months later, after traveling all over Thailand, I returned.

Umpium Camp is a refugees camp for Karen people, fleeing the military regime in Burma, there are 30,000 people, and for Thai government they just not exist. For the NGOs officially is the same.

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I arrived in Sukhothai riding a motorbike with an Italian friend, actually we were based in Phitsanulok but we spent the full day in the historical park.

It was just great, the archaeological complex is so big that you need to ride the motorbike (or at least a bike) even inside the ruins, obviously they will charge you also a “motorbike” ticket.

I was not yet into photography so I had with me just an old and basic point and shot camera, that was really a pity.

The site is full of ancient Khmer style and temple, actually quite… Continue reading