Thailand photos 2003


I was with a friend in Korat, and I was so lucky to find the chance to visit Phimai a small archaeological complex near Buriram, a small Khmer outpost in what Thais call Isan, the eastern poorest part of Thailand.

The people here are more black and short sized compared to north Thais, more similar to Khmer, and there is quite a sort of racism behind that.

This temple is really a masterpiece of the Khmer art in Thailand.

Is not so difficult to find the way, from Khorat you can get a bus to Buriram and from Buriram some… Continue reading

Back to Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is really near to Saraburi but with the bus it took ages to be there. I was amazed when I discovered that actually Saraburi is an old village and that not more then 200 years ago a common danger traveling was to be killed by a tiger. I was working in a factory 25 km. far from Ayutthaya so I spent more then 10 months in such a place. I can tell that the most common danger now is to be killed by a truck whatever you drive it does not matter if you drive a motorbike like me… Continue reading

Back to Krabi

During a short vacation in 2003 while I was already working in Thailand I went to Ao Nang in Krabi to refresh the nice memories of my first trip here in 2000. The place is really marvelous and the accommodation was really cheap as I got a good bargain booking in Bangkok a room in the Somkietburi Resort, really a nice place surrounded by jungle! I had with me my glorious Canon EOS 300 and the wide lenses so I got much better images of Krabi then in my previous trip.

I could not imagine that few years later what… Continue reading

Khao Yai National Park

I had the chance to visit Khao Yai, Thailand’s oldest and largest National Park, during my trip in 2003 while I was in Thailand trying to set my job there.

The place is marvelous, especially the waterfalls and the forest, but actually I did not see many animals, probably I was expecting more.

History of Khao Yai starts in 1902, about 30 families from the south if Khao Yai moved into the Khao Yai hills.

In 1962 Khao Yai became the 1st National Park in Thailand.

Tropical moist evergreen forest covers the central area of the Park. The rich diversity… Continue reading

Ko Samet

Ko Samet is a small tiny island with really white sand about 220 km. from Bangkok. There are really nice beaches and a lot of Thais coming here to relax during the week ends.

In July 2000, with a girl supposed to be the one of my dream, after my first 3 days in Thailand I jumped out from the small boat and felt the white sand of the beach under my feet. It was the beginning.

So many memories over there and so many things happened in my mind and soul that barely I’m aware off today.

After few… Continue reading

Phanom Rung

Phanom Rung is situated near Buriram like Phimai and also this archaeological site absolutely worth to be visited.

You can have your base in Khorat or Buriram and from there move to the temple by tuk tuk.

At that time I rented a room in a cheap hotel in Khorat with my Thai girlfriend and during the day we moved to visit all the sites around.

This is the best way to visit the region because in Khorat you can still find some food and some fun, but not in the other small towns.

The light was not bad and… Continue reading

Mueang Tam

Mueang Tam is another fine Khmer archaeological complex not far from Khorat.

I had the chance to visit also this temple during my trip in Isaan in 2002, the site is simple wonderful, especially the front baray. Do not miss it.

About the photos I have to say I’m quite satisfied and it was one of my first works with the wide angle lens.

Built around the 10th century under the command of the Khmer Jayavarman V, Mueang Tam with its solid laterite walls that run all the way around the complex (with a lake within) feels far more fortress-like… Continue reading