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ArtphotoasiA is part of several on-line communities and forums where I wrote several posts and shared many of my works as a photographer, I would like definitely to have more time to be spent there, but as webmaster I’m the only one to take care of all aspects of this website and is presence on-line, and the time is never enough.
There are different types of on-line communities and kind of websites each has very different characteristics from each other, you can send files, photos, discuss issues, vote favorite pages, finding people with similar interests, and much more.
I am now listing here my favorites forums, in English language, plus several others photography and web resources, in order to create a mutual benefit that will help Internet to be a better place, if you have time take a look, you will not regret it.
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Social Networks

Photography and Social Networks are really something merging each other, is really hard to separate photography from the wide range of common Social Networks.
Today many companies use Social Networks to share immediately the characteristics of a product, they are a great way to collect feedback in real time.
If you have any on-line business is in fact an essential part to manage and keep up the relationship with users and potential buyers.
This kind of websites are usually visited more often by search engines spiders that are always looking for fresh content indexing new pages.
I have tried to select here Social Networks mostly related to photography, in all of them you will be able to create your network, store your photos, rate and share them with you friends community.


This website is not so famous yet but, by far, is the best social network for photographers, the clean and simple design merge a top level range of photographers. All the photos are really stunning.



This is a community not just of photographers but also of artists devoted to digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. You will not be disappointed.



This is one of the most famous and well known social network related to photo sharing. Part of Yahoo! galaxy includes mostly mid-level style vacation photos. Rare cases of excellent photographs.


Photo Bucket

The website offers image hosting, free photo and video sharing. You can upload your photos and host your videos, and share them with friends and family. Mostly are mid-level vacation shots.



Part of Google this social network has the big advantage of being able to integrate photos into Google Maps linking them to a specific place. It is mostly mid-level shots by families and friends.


Picture Social

You can display and critique photos using an unlimited free photo storage account, blog about your experiences, ask and reply to questions in the forum, and much more.


Stumble Upon

It is a search engine that finds the best of the web, recommended by a network of friendships sharing web pages or photos discovered on online. The level of the websites and photos is remarkable.

Photography Forums

A forum can be described as a discussion group that allows people to write about a particular topic and to comment what has been written by others.
This type of on-line community is usually managed by moderators.
The owner, or who is in charge of the forum, through the coordination of moderators, follows the forum’s technical maintenance, the application of the forum’s policy, and check the user-created content.
Rules are clearly written but are never exactly the same, depend on the kind of forum, read them always.
Use properly a forum is not easy and it can also seriously damage a business or a reputation.
You must first select the niche you want, look for the best forum and register, then start your life there participating actively posting often and giving valuable advice and useful information without trying to sell anything.
Need to work hard to establish a good reputation, trust takes time and perseverance and you really have to be patient thinking on long term basis.
The following forums cover several interests in photography related fields.

Photo Camel

Friendly forum with several sections for critique and discussion about photos and equipment. There are also available a blog, photo galleries to upload photos, and a directory to add your site.


This is really a community of photography enthusiasts, hobbyists and professionals, who want to share their photos with others and learn how to become better photographers.


Photography Corner

An important resource that includes photography lessons, contest of the month, critics, photo projects, reviews of popular gears, a blog, active discussions about several aspects of photography.


Active website where to talk about black and white, digital photography, color photos, infra red photographs, nude, and much more. There are photographers of all levels from all around the world.


Shutter Asia

A friendly photography forum based in Malaysia, discussions about photography in Asia, about travels in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, and much more.


Talk Photography

Friendly community with discussion forums and helpful atmosphere to talk about anything related to photography. Available tutorials, tips, tricks, comments and reviews on the last gears.


The Photo Foum

Since 2003 a place to learn and share information covering all models of film and cameras. Areas of discussions ranging from digital photography, HDR images, RAW and post procesing, printing.


World Photography Forum

A professional discussion forum and gallery for all kinds of photography. You can upload images to the free gallery in order to get helpful critique or discuss photography technique.

Web Forums

Actually the next websites listed below are not forums about photography, but forums about web developing and programming, and they are really strict on rules. Anyway they include nice sections about digital photography, with an active community.

Ozzu webmaster forum

Tutorials, tips, information, resources for webmasters, designers, web artists, professional programmers, or developers. An interesting section of the forum is about digital photography.


The V7 network

Friendliest webmaster forum on the Internet, where is possible to discuss graphic design, scripting, web hosting, search engine optimization. One of the sections is dedicated to digital photography.


Surely Yahoo groups is a platform that offers an incredible variety and a wide range of topics and discussions.
If you know how to use them properly can be a very powerful marketing tools, you can actually touch a large number of users and targeted traffic.
First of all understand well the different guidelines of each groups on advertising issues to avoid spam.
I must say that today many are full of fake members, however, the mass is so huge that posting messages in the groups can bring some really targeted traffic.
It is a must also to diversify efforts so inspect also the new Bing’s groups, and those of Google’s.

Bing Meetup Groups

The last evolution of MSN groups that has became Bing Meetup Groups, it helps not only for networking but also to plan real meetings in local communities around the world.


Google Groups

The Google groups platform definitively cannot be compared with Yahoo’s one but anyway it worth a try, is a good alternative with also hundreds of groups photography related.


Yahoo! Groups

The first and more developed groups platform on internet, it’s easy to find the group that match your interest, there are thousands and thousands of groups about photography.

Photography Directories

Directories are websites basically made of lists of links gathered together in categories and subcategories.
Can be used to promote a business related to photography or to discover unknow but really interesting websites.
To submit your website must navigate to the category which best describes your photography works and submit it.
The paid options guarantee a faster review procedure and a better placement of your link.
The free listing option, when available, require usually a reciprocal link to be set on your own website.

Click Photographer

This directory provides a list of photographer websites in USA & worldwide, there are several packages to get listed here, but all of them really expensive. There is also a free option.


Free Photo Gallery

This is one of the world’s fastest growing catalouge of websites, thoroughly screened and monitored to ensure quality and appropriatenes of content. Free listing is available.


Photo 200

For sure this is the best directory ever for photography related websites, to get listed there are several paid exposure option, and the free option that allow also to add a banner.


Photo Blog Directory

This photography related directory is targeted mainly on photo blogs, there are free and affordable paid options to get listed. If you have a photography related website you should join.


Photo Dir

One of the oldest photography directory is database of links to photography website organised by category, region, top sites and sponsors. Free listing available, a chance that you should use.


Photo Links Directory

To submit for free your website to this directory, simply navigate to the category which best describes your photography website and submit it, there are more then 300 categories.



You can list your website for free in the directory by adding it to one of the many categories, after that sit back and do not forget to read the interesting articles about photography.

More Directories

You will be able to find free directories, paid directories, niche directories (only related to a specific topic) and reciprocal directories (require a reciprocal link).
Back links is arguably one of the most important part of modern day SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and directories are a good way for a webmaster to promote a website because it will build back links quite in reasonable time increasing also exposure and traffic.
I suggest you first to read the directories lists published on-line where you will be able to find information on them and so decide your strategy.
You can decide to submit to free directories, maybe to use some paid directory investing some amount of money, or to use only niche directories in case you have a photography related website.
You can decide to submit your website manually or using semi-automatic software that can help with the task but do no trust the full automatic procedure.
Remember that links alone do not solve SEO issue; you must always have a good contents rich websites.

About Us

Probably is the world’s largest editable directory of websites. Online since 2006 it offers several tools to help website owners to build their web presence and increase the online visibility.



This website is not just a directory but provides information about top sites, internet traffic stats, related links, reviews, contact Information and data for search analytics and SEO optimization.


Best of the Web

Since 1994 it gathers together what is considered the top level online, organized by category, offers content rich and well designed web sites. Submit your URL for an editor review.


Directory Critic

The most complete website about directories of all kind gathered together. Niche directory, paid directory, free directory, article directory, and more all listed by pagerank and category.


Directory Rate

Offers directory lists and resources for webmasters, site promoters and SEOs. All listed directories are carefully reviewed by Directory Rate before admission and can be user reviewed and rated.

More Resources

Last but not least I listed also a bunch of useful on-line resources, for all photographers.
You can use them to create a website, to upload and store your photos on-line, to present works, or to sell them on-line on micro-stock websites.


With 28.16 million images is the world's largest stock photo site. Buy and sell stock photos.



Stock photography community providing high quality stock photos and stock images, is one of the biggest resources for webmasters, designers, news agencies and more. Can sell here your photos.



You can sell here your photos, or you can buy here affordable royalty-free stock photo using several kind of plans accordingly to your needs. More than two millions people are using it.



This is the web’s original source for user-generated, royalty-free stock photos. Whether you’re a designer, advertiser, entrepreneur, webmaster, there are millions of images and clips.


Smug Mug

Professional and complete solution for photographers where you can store and share online your photos, make a slideshow, a website, sell and print your photo works as a complete pro studio solution