Ko Samet

Ko Samet is a small tiny island with really white sand about 220 km. from Bangkok. There are really nice beaches and a lot of Thais coming here to relax during the week ends.

In July 2000, with a girl supposed to be the one of my dream, after my first 3 days in Thailand I jumped out from the small boat and felt the white sand of the beach under my feet. It was the beginning.

So many memories over there and so many things happened in my mind and soul that barely I’m aware off today.

After few days she left me there in Samet alone and it was just the beginning of the biggest adventure in my life.

I was back there again in 2002 and 2004 with others ladies and always I keep nice memories and images of the place. The water is very clear here, it is a perfect place for hiding away from daily life stress.

The island has some of the best beaches found in the whole country: Hat Sai Kaew, Ao Vong Duan and Ao Prao.

Recharge yourself, relax, love your partner, eat and sleep, and why not, bring with you a good book.

Thailand, Lak in Ko Samet. Thailand, Lak in Ko Samet. Thailand, Lak in Ko Samet.
Thailand, Lak in Ko Samet.Thailand, Lak in Ko Samet.Thailand, Lak in Ko Samet.
Thailand, Lak in Ko Samet. Thailand, Lak in Ko Samet.Thailand, Lak in Ko Samet.


Travelers from Bangkok frequently travel by bus, with departures to Ban Phe from Bangkok’s Eastern Bus terminal, the Ekkamai bus station, approximately 3 or 4 hours. Then, via the small local port in Ban Phe, get the ferry to Samet.

In the past, this island has also been referred to by its colloquial name, Ko Kaeo, the ”Magic Crystal Island”.

Popular with foreign tourists and as a weekend getaway for residents of nearby Bangkok.

Bangkokians had known about the beauty of Ko Samet for decades.

Ko Samet is one of the driest archipelagos in Thailand, it gets significantly less rainfall than Rayong Province, even though it is only a few kilometers offshore.

The island’s ”rainy season” extends only from May to July, but even during this season it has less rain that other islands in Thailand.

The island despite being arid, consists of lush forested hills, covered with evergreen and deciduous forest and cajeput trees grow abundantly.

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