More about this website

Definitely I have learned a lot working on my old website and now on ArtphotoasiA.

I experiment new ideas and pages in a sort of training ground.

I had written the whole code myself accordingly to W3C specifications using several tools and languages like HTML / XHTML / CSS / JAVASCRIPT / PHP .

Since 2008 I started to use my skills to create several websites, and finally it becomes my real job.

ArtphotoasiA has followed all my changes, my character, my art, my thoughts, my ideas.

  • 2000 I started to work on a personal website, I haven’t been in Southeast Asia yet and the website was just a dummy my-page, written only in Italian language and hosted on a free platform. I have done those first pages using Netscape Composer with few or none knowledge of html language (or any other language).
  • 2000 July seven I arrived in Bangkok, the first time, the change was there.
  • 2001 I decided to move the website to the next level when I registered the first real domain and hosting with an Italian provider. It was the first milestone, then I started to use Dreamweaver, and I designed all the layout and graphic.
  • 2002 the website started to became something more than just a personal page, but a sort of virtual container for all my photo works. Photography started to be a serious hobby, my trips in Asia started to be more frequent.
  • In February 2003 I moved to live in Thailand for five years, the layout of the website has been renewed, improved and translated into English.
  • 2004/2005 the web site won some awards for amateur web design, my knowledge of Dreamweaver and html code came finally at a good level.
  • 2006/2007 opened an e-commerce section of the website to sale Asian and Thai handicrafts, it started my experience in Web Marketing and I had the first impact with Shopping Cart like CubeCart and WordPress as CMS.
  • 2008 March fifteen following a number of reasons and circumstances of life I returned to Italy.
  • 2008 during the summer and fall I worked rewriting the whole code and making the layout of the site compliant with W3C specification and completely free of tables using only CSS. I closed the old site and domain, the web site with new name, new code and new domain was on-line!
  • 2014 Things change so, mainly because of my job, I decided to create an official website of mine for this reason ArphotoasiA is not updated anymore but will be mantained online for historical and record resons.
    All my digital photos collection starting in 2008 after I returned to now on the new website and new trips and new photos will be loaded there.